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If we think about the geographical location of the nations, then Japan is inhabited on the extreme East side of the Earth. Japan is a completely different place with a unique culture and modernity. To visit Japan would not become a challenging task if you gain some practical knowledge of the culture and the positive outlook with the right frame of your mind. 


If you keep these important things in your mind, which I am mentioning in this post then I must promise you that it will be one of the most memorable trips of your life. Japan is a perfect combination of technology and culture. Here, you will find the most advanced technology in the world and the ancient culture of Japan moving hand-in-hand. Just dial Japan Airline Phone number to book your ticket for the favorite destination in Japan. Our experienced customer assistants will provide you with every possible assistant whenever required.

Japan Airline Number, One-stop Solution for travel all inquiries in Japan

Japan Airlines, also known as Nikko is a well-known international air carrier of Japan operating in more than 220 destinations across the world.

Through Japan Airline Number we provide every possible assistance to our customers present across the globe. It is a well-known airline service provider operating in more than 220 destinations all across the 35 countries in the world. Japan Airlines Limited (JAL) is the parent organization of Japan Airlines and other air services which are ZIPAIR Tokyo, JAL Express, J-Air, and Ryukyu Air Commuter.  

Where we are located?

Headquartered in the beautiful capital of Japan Tokyo, Japan Airline Number is the most extensive airline service of Japan. Started in 1951 and became the national airline of Japan in 1953. After serving millions of customers for decades as the public organisation, it turned into a private organization in 1987 and merged with Japan Air system in 2002. 

Our Services

Domestic Service: Three kinds of cabins, the First class, Executive Class and Economy class are offered to a customer to choose. The first-class cabin gives you a spacious wide seating arrangement with genuine leather finishing. The executive class offers you reclining seats which gives you total comfort when travelling through the domestic aircraft of Japan Airline. 

Japan Airlines have also introduced wireless internet services in their planes to cater to the growing technology demand of passengers. Just contact Japan Airline Phone Number to know additional benefits of Japan Airlines.

New Cabin: Japan Airlines offers the International level First and Executive Class seats. The first-class seats are 20% spacious and wider than Sky sleeper Solo seats. We have also introduced a new version of premium economy seats known as Sky Premium.

Entertainment Options in Flight

MAGIC: It’s an entertainment system available on all the flights of Japan Airlines. Supported by the JAL Mooove! it offers all the latest hit movies, videos, audio programs and games.

Magic is an entertainment system accessible on all the flights. Supported by the JAL Mooove! which is an entertainment channel for the latest blockbuster movies, programs, videos, audio and games. Japan Airline Phone Numbers has also decided to offer Samsung VR experience to all their passengers through Gear VR and Samsung S8.

Additional Media

Recently Japan Airlines has announced that it will provide VR experience to its’s passengers in collaboration with Samsung with Gear VR and Samsung S8. For detailed information and benefits of Samsung VR on plane contact Japan Airline Number.

Catering in Flight

Japan airlines provide meals and snacks and beverages onboard according to the distance and the destination. The highly qualified chefs and experts provide Japanese and western cuisine as per your demand. We also provide special cuisine on the festive season and make sure to offer you a more authentic taste and environment.

Sakura Lounge

Sakura Lounge is a signature lounge of Japan Airline inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan. It offers the premium facility of the lounge to the first and business class passengers 

Terms of using tickets issued by Japan Airline Number

  • Flight tickets and e-tickets are valid only for that passenger whose name it indicates.
  • If there are some changes occur in the schedule of passenger then he can cancel his/her existing ticket and then can book a new ticket as per schedule changed.
  • A ticket is non-transferable and cannot be used by third parties in any condition. This applies to e-tickets as well.
  • Fraudulent boarding will incur a heavy penalty and legal action would be taken against the guilty.
  • The ticket is valid for the concerned flight only.
  • One cannot reissue the lost ticket. Only the replacement ticket will be issued with the initial ticket’s validity.
  • There is no special concession for children and adults. We charge the same amount of fare except for the person with a disability.

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Just contact Japan Airline Phone Number to know the best offer in your destination. You can also go to our website for more information about our terms and services. Our experts are working hard to offer you the best experience according to your need and demand.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer staff are professionally trained to resolve all your queries related to ticketing and booking air tickets from Japan Airline Phone Number. Just contact Japan Airline Phone Number to get all the professional assistance from our experts. Our experts are 24*7 available to resolve all your queries. We provide budgeted tickets on both solo and group tours.

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