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Norwegian Air Shuttle, also known as Norwegian is a low-cost air carrier located in Norway. It is one of the third-largest low-cost carriers in Europe with a fleet size of 170 aircraft. With approx 11,000 dedicated professionals operating on 500 routes and 150 destinations in North Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, USA and Canada. Norwegian Airline Number is the most loved airline service in Europe for its affordable fleets.

When it was founded?

Founded in the year 1993 and turned into a low-cost air carrier in 2002 when Boeing 737 was introduced in the aviation industry. Norwegian Airline is expanding at a fast rate by launching new destinations in Asia, South America, Canada and Europe. At present, Norwegian Airline has more than 170 aircraft with fuel-efficient engines. You can also contact Norwegian Airline Number for customer support and to book your flight tickets.

Some facts of Norwegian Airlines

  • Aircraft of Norwegian is popular among people as “Red Nose” because the front portion (the nose of the plane) is painted with red colour.
  • The tail fins of Norwegian aircraft highlights a portrait of a hero, who had challenged the authority and inspired others
  • Norwegian Airline has been named as the most fuel-efficient airline in the world on transatlantic routes.
  • Norwegian Airline ranked as the largest airline in terms of passengers carried between Europe and New York.
  • Clear all your doubts regarding ticketing and discounts from Norwegian Airline Phone Number.
  • We are 4 Star rated airlines by Skytrax and mostly appreciated by passengers for low fare air tickets and friendly staff.  
  • We are very cautious about the safety and comfort of our passengers.

Vision and Values

We believe in pocket-friendly air travel for every person, and our team is continuously dedicated to give you the best air service at most affordable rates.

In-Flight Entertainment

We offer a world-class travel experience to our entire customer through various In-flight entertainment options available on our planes.

We offer free Wi-Fi service in most of the aircraft within Europe. You just need to bring your electronic gadgets and enjoy free internet on our flight. We also provide on-demand movies and TV series on your device where you can enjoy all kinds of TV shows and movies.

How to access Wi-Fi service

  • Open your Wi-Fi and search for “Norwegian Internet Access” on your device and connect to the network.
  • You have to open your browser to access video-on-demand.
  • Video-on-demand is a rental service for which you have to pay 5 Euros for around 24 hours.

Live TV

Due to the increase in demand for live TV, we have started offering live TV news on board. Just connect your phone or tablet to use this airline service whenever you travel with Norwegian airlines. Enjoy the latest news and happenings on Bloomberg Television and TV 2 News Channel. This service is available on most of the European airlines offered by Risks TV. Contact our Norwegian Airline Number for personalized entertainment options onboard. Enjoy our high-tech facilities on your fingertips.

Enjoy our award-winning entertainment system

If you are travelling with 787 Dreamliner on long distant routes then you are going to enjoy the most advanced and awarded entertainment throughout your travel. We also provide an interactive 3D map in our Dreamliner Aircraft to assist you to find your destination more clearly.

The Norwegian Reward Card

This is a frequent flyer program card of Norwegian Airline, specially designed to provide extra benefits of reward points. These reward points can be used for car rental, room booking in 5-star hotels, and discounts on your next travel. This Norwegian Reward Card does not require any annual charges and foreign transaction fees. 

The members of the Norwegian Reward card will also get priority boarding service. We provide you with $50 CashPoints which can be utilized in your next travel. To earn $50 CashPoint you need to spend $500 dollar in the first 90 days after issuing of this card. For more information and discounts contact our customer service on Norwegian Airline Phone Number.

Premium Cabins

Premium Class cabin is one single solution of your luxury travel need. It is available on Norwegian’s Boeing 787 aircraft only, operated by its joined subsidiaries. Seats are arranged in 2-3-2 order and AC power outlet is being installed in the plane for charging your electronic gadgets. You can access blankets, three-course meal, headsets, seat selection, drink and beverages, priority boarding and additional baggage facility.

Economy Class

Economy class is available on Boeing 737 and 737 MAX in a3-3 and 3-3-3 layout. You can buy snacks and beverages in flight from our air flight attendant present onboard by paying some amount. 

Enjoy Your Journey with Our Awarded Airline

Norwegian airline was conferred most reliable European low-cost fleet service and 4th across the world in 2014 by In the year 2013, Norwegian airline was voted as the Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe by Skytrax. We have won many awards in all category of the low-fare carrier on long routes.


  • We won the Low-Cost Airline Award in 2019, by World Travel Awards and by Passenger Choice Awards
  • Norwegian was awarded as the Airline of the year in 2017 in CAPA Global Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit. 
  • Awarded World’s Best Low-Cost Long Haul Airline by Skytrax World Airline in the year 2016

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We provide all types of tour packages and assist you to get the most reliable tour package within your pocket-friendly budget. You can also book your seats by using our online Website. You can also contact us through Norwegian Airline Number for any assistance and support.

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